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Pinspiration: Cilantro Lime Chicken and Homemade Flour Tortillas

As I love to cook for my family, I am always looking for something new to prepare!  I want my meals to be appetizing and as healthy as possible.  I still use butter and sugar but I believe if you make it from scratch, you are still doing good by your loved ones!

I found a pin for Cilantro Lime Chicken in the crockpot (I love my crockpot) and a pin for homemade tortillas.

http://www.pipandebby.com/pip-ebby/2011/11/18/slow-cooker-cilantro-lime-chicken.html -Chicken

http://www.grumpyshoneybunch.com/2010/05/30-years-makes-me-sound-so-old.html -Tortillas

The Chicken is fabulous and so were the tortillas!

My chicken was a little less moist then I like but that was my fault because I forgot to start it early enough in the day.  It requires 6 hrs on low in the crockpot and I had like 3.5 hours till dinner…oooppppssss! 🙂 So I had to put it on high instead.  It was really good but next time I will make sure to allow enough low cooking time!  Note:  I used jarred jalepenos instead of fresh because of the heat factor.  I love spicey but the rest of my family does not feel the same way about spicey food as I do!  One of my children did make a comment about the spice but was able to eat the chicken.  For families with children or mild people, leave the jalepenos on the side!

Cilantro:  To keep leftover cilantro fresh put in a glass of water in the refridgerator or place in a plastic zipper bag with the herb sandwiched between paper towels.  Try to use it within a week or so.

The Tortillas:  I got the girls in on this one!

We rolled 1″ balls of dough between wax paper so that it didn’t stick to the table or the rolling pin.  We didn’t get them as flat/thin or circular as maybe they should have been but they were tasty and we ate them with our Cilantro Lime Chicken.

Notes:  1″ balls may be a little big depending on the size tortillas you want! Play around with it!  Also as the girls worked on their tortillas the dough started to “spring” back.  They wouldn’t stay rolled out when removed fromt he wax paper.  Next time I will, and I suggest you, refridgerate half of the dough while you work witht he other half.  I have learned that as dough warms it doesn’t work as well. We cooked ours on the griddle.  Also, for experiment and flavor sake, next time I will use butter in place of oil; just to see what happens!!!!!

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