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Pinspiration: The 3 Day, lose 10lb, Military Diet

As I have become obsessed with Pinterest.com, I am on there quite often and pinning away!  A week ago I spotted this 3-day military diet. apparently you can lose up to ten lbs. in 3 days, with this special diet. Take a four day break and do it again until you've achieved your goal... Pinner checked it w/ her medic hubs & he said it's good to try!The pin said “loose 10lbs in 3 days”!  I clicked on the pin, checked out the blog, blessedmommy.hubpages.com.  I was all for it!  I am 31 and have 4 children.  I have always struggled with weight with great weight gain during all pregnancies.  After the 3rd baby (April 2010), I managed to loose the 60lbs gained during pregnacy plus an extra 10lbs!  I was ecstatic, I was thinner then I could remember ever being!  Then when Amelia was 15 months old I got pregnant again ( I only got to experience my skinny life for about 3 months)! Though I was determined to only gain the recommended 30lbs and no more, I gained 60lbs, again!  Aggghhhh!

Anyway, Olivia is 6 months and I had 19.5lbs to loose! I tried the Military Diet and lost 4lbs, not 10!

Soooo, why?  Ok, I didn’t exercise but I am quite active during the day!  The end of the 3rd day at about 6:30pm I had a cup of coffee with creamer!!!!  It was Wednesday so we were getting ready for church and I was exhausted from the day, the diet and not sleeping.  My only substitution was on the 3rd day I had to add canned chicken to the tuna because I didn’t have enough tuna for one cup!

Of course, I am not a doctor or nutricianist and just as our blogger recommends, always consult your doctor before beginning any diet or exercise regiment!  However, I will share what I experienced through this 3 day process!

I am a religous coffee drinker!  Drinking it black on the first day was no problem for me but on Day 2; not having any coffee was painful.  I had an excrutiating headache.

I have been “dieting” for 6 months, counting calories so the little food intake wasn’t hard, it was the fact that I could only eat 3 times.  I like to spread my calories throughout the day.  I caught myself watching the clock thinking “when can I eat?”. I spaced my meals out evenly by eating late in the morning, I get up between 5 and 6am. Eating that early can make for a long streatch between breakfast and lunch.  We eat dinner at 5pm, I know that’s early for most people but that helps close the gap between lunch and dinner.  For some, eating that early causes snacking in the evening but again with my previous dieting, snacking after dinner is a habit I cut out some time ago.

I hate specific diets because I want to be able to eat the wonderful things I cook and bake for my family!  Since it was only 3 days though, I stashed left-overs and kept telling myself, I could eat it in just a couple of days!

So, I lost only 4lbs!  I’m not upset, I can tell a difference and sometimes I just need that initial kick off to encourage me to keep loosing the weight.  With the help of myfitnesspal.com I will spend the 4 day “rest” period keeping up with my calories so I don’t overdue it and when I go into the next 3 days I will maybe add some excercise to see what happens!


UPDATE:  I could not make myself do this diet again.  I love to cook, bake and eat! Three days doesn’t seem long until you are actually in the middle of it!

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