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My name is Stacy!  I am a stay at home mom with 4 daughters!  I love sewing, crocheting, cooking and just about any craft!

I have become obsessed with Pinterest but realized I am just a follower of boards and not doing anything about it….boooo!

I pin to my boards things I really want to do or feel inspired by so I am going to put all of my pinning to good use!

I am going to start utilizing my pins and get crafting or cooking.  I hope to inspire others to do something about all of their pins and help them with the creating process.

I am not necessarily a leader but not a full follower either.  I tend to follow the lead of others and “translate” it (so to speak) for others to follow.

I have found some blogs/websites to be difficult to follow at times when it comes to their directions.  Or sometimes, oopsies happen that the blogger did not warn the crafters of.  I find this especially true as I have taught myself to bake and cook.

When I began teaching myself to bake and cook 10 years ago, I thought that I would never be able to do either well.  Today, I still have a long way to go but I have also come very far and now have the confidence to continue pursuing all of the wonderful things I want to do.

One example,  when baking it seems that most of the time you want your ingredients to be room temperature.  Maybe that is obvious to most people but I really never knew and turns out, it is a pretty important thing.

Many home-maker arts (as I like to call them) have been lost and for those of us that want to bring them back it can be difficult without some simple knowledge.

Sooooo, with all of that said, I hope to add that extra bit of information to the bloggers/Pinners with such great crafts and ideas.

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